Perdido Key is known as a habitat for lots of different wildlife and sealife. Unlike some beach vacation towns, Perdido Key has kept the area natural and safe so we can cohabitate with its original residents!

Perdido Key Beach Mouse

Why is the lowly beach mouse first on our list? Well, the Perdido Key Beach Mouse is protected as an endangered species and has actually helped preserve Perdido Key from over development. They inhabit the coastal dunes and rely on the vegetation in dunes for food and shelter. Some things that pose a risk to these endangered species include hurricanes, increased foot traffic, development along the beaches, and predation from cats, foxes, raccoons, and coyotes.

Sea Turtles

When taking a stroll on the beautiful beaches of Perdido Key, if you’re lucky you’ll get to see a sea turtle! Just look along the surf for the turtle’s head as he grabs another breath of air. Loggerhead sea turtles are the most prevalent in the area, although leatherback, ridley, and green sea turtles are also frequently seen in the summer months. Sea turtles nest on our beaches from summer to October and if you happen to see a sea turtle on land, or find a nesting site – please stay clear and do not disturb it.


The Perdido Area is a bird’s paradise! Located between two major fly zones, Gulf Islands National Seashore, the longest stretch of protected seashore in the country, is the first stop for hundreds of migrating birds and monarch butterflies flying north in the spring. The Perdido Area also features bays, bayous, beaches, rivers, and woodlands where more than 300 species of birds call home. So pick up those binoculars and come experience our great outdoors!


  • Bald Eagles
  • Osprey
  • Great Blue Heron
  • Pelican
  • Seagull